Clare has provided excellent deep tissue massages over several years, helping sporting, driving and other posture related issues.  David G

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Clare’s magical and healing touch.  After a thorough consultation, I received regular full body massages from Clare, which gave me so much flexibility around the neck and the shoulder area.  With my job, sitting behind a laptop 12 hours a day, I regularly suffered from stiffness around the neck and shoulders as well as build up of tension, however, following every session from Clare, I was as free as a bird.  Over the years I have had regular massages done by a number of people, however I have to say, no one ever matches up to Clare, words cannot describe the experience.
Mitra Abtahi

I have had ongoing problems with neck and shoulder muscles for many years now. Clare gets right to the very core of what’s going on.  She breaks down the knots and eases and soothes my aches and pains away.  Clare also gives invaluable advice on how to stay well.  She’s helped me turn a corner & I wholeheartedly recommend her massages to everyone who needs help or just likes feeling good! She’s a real diamond.  Julia D

Clare genuinely does have ‘healing hands’. She instinctively knows the areas that need her touch, managing to be firm and gentle at the same time. Her warm, shiny and open persona makes any treatment an absolute pleasure.  Louise – Hove

Clare is great at tailoring the massage for each session. This guarantees that I leave relaxed and stress free every time. Clare is always warm and welcoming, so I look forward to every visit.  Sukhvir H

Still floating on a cloud after a fantastic neck, back and shoulder massage by Clare Williams. Thank-you Clare!  All knots banished and I feel super relaxed.
Claire Yuill – Sussex Physio Pilates

Clare is amazing – she has been massaging my back for several years now – and I find it invaluable.  She is by far the best masseuse I have found, and would highly recommend her!  Alexandra H

Clare is wonderful, so intuitive & I feel like a new person after a session with her!  I’ve never found anyone else who can dissolve the knots in my shoulders quite like she can!
Jasmine Harman

Clare Williams, that was the BEST massage ever last night. You are amazing at your job! My back and bones are a mess but you have restored me this morning. If there are any sceptical people out there, massage therapy really works. I love you Clare Williams! Marisa Guagenti

Lovely lady, lovely lovely healing hands, can’t say more!  Gill Sharma

I was struggling with really bad water retention for most of my adult life. By chance someone mentioned manual lymphatic drainage could help and recommended Clare as this amazing masseuse.  I was skeptical the manual lymphatic drainage would work as I had been to numerous supposed lymph massage experts all of whom said they could cure the situation.  When I met Clare, she was warm, kind and understanding. She performed proper MLD after a few sessions my water retention disappeared. I felt completely different, no more bloated stomach and boobs. My clothes fitted me better, I felt more confident and agile.  Clare carries out maintenance Mld on me just to keep the water retention at bay.  I would recommend Clare to anyone, her warmth and kindness are extraordinary. It goes without saying she is great at massage as well as Mld.  Pippa F

I had a massage with Clare yesterday, wow it totally plugged me back in. She’s a maestro! It was a beautiful combination of practical n meaty AND deeply intuitive n healing. Briliiant!  Sjanie HW

Clare Williams is blessed with healing hands. Her calming demeanour and massage techniques have successfully soothed my weary  soul and my back many times. I have had the pleasure of having massages by Clare for many years now, enjoying both prenatal, postnatal and general massage treatments, using divine oils in relaxing surroundings.
Clare is simply the best.  Ebony Davis

Thank you so very very much Clare for a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage today. I didn’t realise just how much I needed a treatment. I feel like a new woman ready to face the world. My cold type symptoms have disappeared and I feel as though I am back to 100%, ready for whatever the world has to throw at me. You are fabulous.
Hannah Ware – Offington Therapies

What can I say, my first time with Clare yesterday and I’m hooked, cannot wait for my next massage. Awesome massage, healing and relaxation. I was ready for bed as soon as I got home. I am a convert and will be booking Clare whenever I can.
This woman has the hands of an Angel.  Tara Walsh

Grounded. Calm. Real. Free. Rare to find a therapist with integrity as sure as yours. THANK YOU
Linzi Harrocks – Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist

Since I met Clare seven years ago, I have only ever gone to her for massages. She is knowledgeable and thorough, with a touch that is both perfectly gentle and firm.  Clare is caring and calming, you leave your sessions with her feeling wonderfully relaxed and refreshed – Mrs White

Clare combines the wonderful qualities of warmth, understanding and a giving nature with hands and fingers of steel! She gets to know and respond to  your life, your  muscles and your moods in such a combination that her massages are truly wonderful and healing. She can always find the ‘spot’ that has been troubling you even when you don’t know where it is yourself  After I had an injury she did additional research to ensure the techniques she used suited my rehabilitation and it was one of the  most effective interventions I had . South Londons great loss will be Worthing’s gain and I will miss her greatly – Sarah Forester 

Clare is a wonderful massage therapist. She is extremely professional, always punctual yet flexible and ever so friendly and calm.  Her massages are strong and deep -just the way I like them- and have found myself regenerated even just after the first session. She is very much in tune with the client’s needs and works terribly hard to hit the right spot to relieve pain and tension. I loved every minute of her vigorous yet caring massage!  Your body and soul will be ever so thankful you have paid a visit to her! – Francesca Schiavone